I am Don, the administrator and owner of "Lucky 54". I am a certified Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer as well as being Comptia A+ and Net+  certified and I am at your service.

Lucky 54 was started out in 2003 during my tenure at the world renowned  Network Solutions which at the time was owned by Verisign. More or less the name evolved from an obsession with the number 54 first given to me as my football number in highschool.

The statement wear your own jersey came from the idea of starting my own company under my own principles. I created Lucky 54 in an effort to start my own business and specialize in my own fashion of website design and customer service. I enjoy giving my work a personal touch that shows that I care what people think of my work.

I would like to show you what I can do for your business or your personal interests on the Internet. With my experience from Network Solutions the recognized leader of Domains I am more than qualified to acquire your domain name and implement your web-presence. I have examples of what I can do linked from this website. Please take a look at what I can do for you and if you like what you see please contact me so we can make your projects come alive.

We also specialize in the installation, implementation and testing of various network components. Our background is heavily based upon retail point of sale equipment. Having been involved with major company installations with Rite Aid Corporate, The Gap Inc. as well as CAT/Mazda. The big names have used us and if you want a professional consulting firm Lucky 54 is that firm.

        We come from the school of thought that teaches the customer is always right and we aim to please. My reputation and my customers opinions are what makes my business grow or fail so please give us a chance to show you how dependable and professional we can be. Thank you for your time reading my message to you. We all know how precious time is and only you can choose how to spend it.


Donald B Rynd III

Administrator and Owner of "Lucky 54"

MCSE, A+, Net+, Security+, Net Solutions and DNS Specialist (Verisign)

Contact us

Office: 1-610-628-9592

Cell: 1-610-462-8122

Email: Don@Rynd.Org

Aim: donlucky54