Updated 12/28/08

Hey all its time for my news update.

Well First of all.... Happy holidays to all and have a healthy and prosperous New Year! We have had a great year here at Lucky54 and we have all of you to thank for that!

Thank you to everybody who has been there for us in our second year of our main consulting business.

(Big thanks to W&W Consulting, TeksourcePOS and RDS)

As our last update stated we are no longer doing website building and maintenance for outside companies.. We have found ourselves making the tough decision of do we expand a division of the company to make it better or do we focus in on what we excel at which is our wiring and hardware consulting. A very wise man once told me:

"Never be a jack of all trades and master of none"

After thinking about that for sevral months, I came to the conclusion that if I end up doing too many things at once I will spread myself too thin and not be able to provide the quality of service which has made my company well known to its clients.

I cant risk loosing my clients and I cant lose my focus on what got me where I am today. So essentially we are going from a webdesign and maintenance service to a domain consulting service which will act on a much more professional and private level. We are going to focus on acquiring domains, setting up and administering email servers and possibly becomming a domain wholesaler.

In other news

Lucky 54 is building up content for the much talked about HOWTOMANUP.COM. We are gathering up videos and pictures to get the site up and going hopefully by the beginning of this comming summer.

The Brian Mcfayden fan site ( and The Smashing Pumpkins website "The Machines Of" have also been designed and are up and functional.

We have also picked up another company to do consulting through and we are very excited to start doing business with them. Once everything is finalized we will let you all know more details.

Also we are going to be opening up some forums in the future, getting into designing DVR systems and possibly getting a new work vehicle.

These next few months should be exciting!!

Check back soon for updates!


D. Rynd

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