our work

Technology Consulting

Lucky 54 has been involved in the following projects:

Hewlett Packard (Various warranty work)

The Picture People DSL project

Wakefern Corporate POS Installation for Shop Rite and Price Rite

The Charlotte Russe POS Upgrade and communications upgrade

Talbots Re-Ticketer relocation

The Gap Corporate Inventory and deinstallation of legacy equipment

Rite Aid Corporate's store conversion project

Rite Aid Corporate's Fuji Film software implementation

The Gap Corporate's time clock installation project

Carters Childrens Store Demarc Project

Sketchers Wiring and Demarc Project

Famous Footware New Store Setup

Website Design

http://www.BrianMcFayden.com (Online Check it out!)

http://www.CampStevko.com (Online Check it out!)

http://www.Retrografic.com (Online Check it out!)

http://www.TheMachinesofGod.com (Online Check it out!)

http://www.TheMachinesofGod.net (Online Check it out!)

Domains Acquired

http://www.FreeDigitalFireplace.com (Under Construction)

http://www.HowToManUp.com (Under Construction

Contact us

Office: 1-610-628-9592

Cell: 1-610-462-8122

Email: Don@Rynd.Org

Aim: donlucky54